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Our Associated Firms

For sourcing best quality products like as Anti Cancer Capsules, Anti Cancer Tablets and further, deliver them to customers, we have made collaboration with renowned manufacturing firms of the market. The honest procuring agents conduct a number of researches to find out as well as choose the vendors. Below mentioned are the firms whom we have selected.

Company Name


VEA Impex

  • A renowned manufacturer, supplier, distributor, trader, exporter, wholesaler & importer of Pharmaceutical Medicines.
  • It product range includes Anti Cancer Medicines, Pain Reliever Capsules, Weight Loss Tablets, Skin Care Products, Steroids, HCG Injections and Acne & Pimple Cream.
  • This firm also offers Anti Cancer Medicines, Sedative Hypnotics, Anti Depressants, Analgesic, Anti pretic & Anti-Inflamatory Products,  Eye drops, Birth Control Pills, Anti Migraine Products etc.

S Parikh Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pharmaceutical distributor, providing medicinal services and products
  • Products & services of this company are sold with focus on the selected areas of analytic, mobility and collaboration.

Distinct Pharma

  • Founded in the year 2012, Distinct Pharma is a wholesale trader, manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and trader Medicinal Drugs
  • Its product-range includes Weight Loss Drugs, Anti-Fungal Drugs and Anti-Depressant Drugs Company provides its drugs in various packaging and as per the clients' provided specification.

Products We Offer

Our company is into exporting, trading and supplying below mentioned products:

  • Anastrozole
  • Anti-Cancer Drugs
  • Arimidex
  • Arimidex 1Mg
  • Arimidex Tablets
  • Bendit Injection
  • Biceltis
  • Biceltis 440 Mg
  • Biceltis Injection
  • Bortenat
  • Canmab
  • Canmab Injection
  • Carboplatin Injection
  • Clokeran
  • Clokeran Tablets
  • Daclahep 60Mg
  • DaclaHep Tablets
  • Daclahep Tablets 60Mg
  • Erlocip
  • Erlocip Tablets 150Mg
  • Filgrastim Injection
  • Geftinat Tablets
  • Geftinat Tablets 250 Mg
  • Geftinat Tablets 250Mg
  • Myhep Lvir Tablets
  • Natdac 60
  • Novisof
  • Zoldonate
  • Myhep
  • Xeloda Tablets
  • Hepatitis Products
  • Hepcinat
  • Hepcinat Lp
  • Hepcvir L
  • Hepcvir Tablets
  • Hepinat
  • Hepinat 400 mg
  • Hepinat L P
  • Heptos
  • Heptos Capsules
  • Herclon
  • Herclon 440 Mg
  • Herclon Injection
  • HIV Products
  • Human Albumin
  • Imatib 400
  • Indivan 400
  • Iressa
  • Lamivir 150Mg
  • Lamivir Hbv
  • Ledifos
  • Ledviclear 90Mg
  • Ledviclear Tablets
  • Lenalid 10
  • Lenalid 10 Capsules
  • Lenalid 25 Capsules
  • Lenalid Capsules 10Mg
  • Lenalid Capsules 25Mg
  • Lepodox
  • Oacla HEP img
  • Octreotide
  • Peg Filgrastim Injection
  • Resof L
  • Ribavirin Capsules
  • Ribawok
  • Rituximab Injection
  • Sofosbuvir Tablets
  • Sofovir Tablet 400Mg
  • Sofovir Tablets
  • Sofusbuvir
  • Sorafenat
  • Soranib
  • Tenvir
  • Tenvir Em
  • Teravir 300Mg
  • Thalix
  • Trastuzumab 440Mg
  • Triomune 30
  • Tykerb
  • Tykerb 250 Mg
  • Tykerb Tablet
  • Veenat
  • Vintor
  • Viroclear
  • Votrient
  • Xatral
  • Xbira
  • Xeloda 500Mg

Warehouse We Own

The company is having a huge land area where we have built a spacious warehouse to store all the procured pharma products like as Anti Cancer Capsules, Anti Cancer Tablets as per their respective categories till the dispatch. It is armed with various refrigerators and devices that aid in keeping the products as per the respective temperature requirements. The firm ensures to maintain the warehouse free from dust, insects, rotten and all the things that can affect the quality. Further, our storekeepers well handle as well as look after all the warehousing tasks.