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Anti Cancer Injection

Our range of Anti Cancer Injection is used to treat renal cell carcinoma in its advanced stage. Special formulation of this injection prevents multiplication of cancer affected cells. This injection contains synthetic protein that accelerates generation of red blood cells. This array of medication is useful to treat anemic condition as well as high calcium level in blood caused by intake of cancer medicines. This range of injection is also used during several surgical procedures to minimize the possibility of blood transfusion. We also provide injections used for treating multiple myeloma, prostate cancer, Kaposi’s sarcoma and ovarian cancer under this category of medicine. This assortment of Anti Cancer Injection has long lasting effect, fast action, precise formulation and long storage life.
Product Image (TRA1)


Price: 22000 INR/Piece

Trazumab 440 is used to treat metastatic (spread) breast cancer.

Product Image (her01)


Price: 24000 INR/Bottle

Hersima 440mg is used alone or with other medications to treat certain types of breast cancer.

Product Image (Nimo1)

Biomab nimotuzumab

Price: 48000 INR

Biomab is used in treatment of Head & Neck cancers and cancers of Colon and rectum

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Price: 18990.00 INR/Bottle


Product Image (06)

Plasmaglob 5mg

Price: 15849.00 INR/Bottle

plasmaglob 5mg ,human normal immunoglobulin 5% i p 100ml i.v. product

Product Image (CAR-100)


Price: 1900 INR/Bottle

CARNUMAX is a nitrogen mustard β-chloro-nitrosourea compound. It is used in the treatment of brain tumors and various other malignant neoplasms, Multiple myeloma, Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Product Image (MEL-4)

Melfalax Injection

Price: 1200 INR/Bottle

Melphalan is used in Multiple Myeloma treatment.

Product Image (FAS-1)


Price: 40000 INR/Piece

Faslodex is a hormone therapy. It fights cancer as an "estrogen receptor downregulator."

Product Image (BIC-1)


Price: 4500 INR/Piece

BICNU is used as an alkylating agent to treat several types of brain cancer including glioma, glioblastoma multiforme, medulloblastoma and astrocytoma), multiple myeloma, and lymphoma .

Product Image (zavi-1)

Zavicefta Injection

Price: 4336 INR/Piece

Zavicefta is indicated for the treatment of the following infections in adults.

Product Image (Thio-1 )


Price: 18900 INR

Thiotepa is given into the bladder to treat bladder cancer.

Product Image (TE-1)


Price: 25000 INR/Piece

ERIBULIN is used to treat certain patients with breast cancer and liposarcoma.

Product Image (ZU-121)


Price: 25000 INR/Piece

Bevacizumab is an antineoplastic agent which prevents reducing metatstatic disease progressing

Product Image (Hert-01)


Price: 30000

The types of cancers trastuzumab is used to treat are tumors that produce more than the normal amount of a certain substance called HER2 protein.

Product Image (1565)


Price: 225 INR


Product Image (101)


Price: 25000 INR

hematopoietic stem cell mobilizer.

Product Image (1000)


Price: 15000 INR

Pomalidomide is a derivative of thalidomide. It is anti-angiogenic and also acts as an immunomodulator.

Product Image (25)


Price: 3201 INR

Azacitidine is a chemotherapy drug used to treat conditions that affect the blood and the bone marrow, .

Product Image (35)

Vinorelbine Injection

Price: 6500 INR

Vinorelbine ,, is a chemotherapy medication used to treat a number of types of cancer.

Product Image (Rituximab Reliance)

Rituximab Injection 500mg

Price: 17000 INR
Product Image (Cipla injection)


Price: 58000 INR
Product Image (Glenmark)


Price: 40000 INR
Product Image (therdose inj)


Price: 10000 INR
Product Image (Paclither 260)

Paclither 260

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (Conimab)


Price: 15000 INR
Product Image (21)


Price: 6500 INR
  • Delivery Time:1
Product Image (BDOLENIC 4MG )

Zoledronic Acid Injection

Price: 2000 INR
Product Image (Innotubilion)

Docetaxel Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (ADCARB 150)

Carboplatin Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (Dis-01)


Price: 5000 INR
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (Dis-02)


Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (ADPEM 500MG)

Pemetrexed Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (Lupard Depot)

Leuprolide Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (AB-PACLI )


Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (Adoxi 20MG)

Docetaxel Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (ADPLATIN 100MG)

Oxaliplatin Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (ADSIDE 100MG)

Etoposide Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (AMGICIN 1000)

Gemcitabine Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (1GMS INJECTION)

Gemcitabine Injection

Price: 1300 INR
Product Image (Pemetrex 500mg)

Pemetrexed Injection

Price: 2300 INR
Product Image (Bortimib 2)


Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (ADRIB 50MG )

Doxorubicin Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (Dis- 04)


Price: 1700 INR
Product Image (D Tail 120)

Docetaxel Injection

Price: 5000 INR
Product Image (01)

Zoldonat, Zoledronic Acid Injection 4 mg

Price: 5000 INR

The offered Zoldonat, Zoledronic Acid Injection 4 mg is processed using top quality chemicals with the aid of cutting-edge methodology by dexterous professionals. Widely used to treat multiple myeloma and bone problems caused by the spread of cancer, this injection is demanded across the globe. Having excellent effectiveness and non allergic nature, provided Zoldonat, Zoledronic Acid Injection 4 mg is admired among our clients.

Product Image (12)

Votrient Pazopanib Hydrochloride Injection 400mg

Price: 5000 INR

Admired for its purity and long shelf life, the provided Votrient Pazopanib Hydrochloride 400mg is used for treating advanced renal cell carcinoma. The offered drug is processed by dexterous pharmacists using top grade chemicals and cutting-edge methodology. Our valuable clients can purchase this Votrient Pazopanib Hydrochloride 400mg from us at industry leading rates within prescribed time frame.

Product Image (16)

Lipodox 20mg Injection

Price: 5000 INR

Examined on varied quality parameters, this Lipodox 20mg Injection is available with us in diverse packaging options. Widely known for its standard shelf life, purity and safe consumption, the provided injection is highly demanded across the globe. Processed with the use of quality-approved chemicals, the offered Lipodox 20mg Injection is used for treating cancers such as advanced breast cancer, advanced ovarian cancer and multiple myeloma.

Product Image (06)

Erythropoietin Vintor 4000 iu Injection

Price: 5000 INR

The offered Vintor 4000 Iu Injection is formulated using pristine grade chemicals and innovative methodology by experts. Checked on certain quality aspects, this injection is used to treat anaemia in an effective manner. Widely appreciated for its balanced composition and extended shelf life, provided Vintor 4000 Iu Injection is available for our precious patrons in safe packaging options.